WP1. Review and analyze best EU and global practices in cloud computing
1.1 Existing EU and global practices for cloud based solutions
1.2 Review on cloud computing service related business objectives
1.3 Analyses of current practice in ICT development in ME
1.4 Regulatory Compliance with international experience
1.5 Raising awareness about cloud computing technologies and cloud based solutions
WP2. Market oriented research: Cloud perspectives of SMEs in Montenegro
2.1 Market oriented research: Methodological approach
2.2 Market oriented research: the Survey
2.3 Market oriented research: Results analyses and discussions
WP3. Model of Cloud Computing Services for SMEs in Montenegro
3.1 Assessment of drivers for Cloud Computing Adoptions by ME SMEs
3.2. Spreading the knowledge about developing cloud based solutions: Technological Approach
3.3 Creation of CCS model for SMEs in ME
3.4 Validation of created model: prototyping and evaluation
3.5 Human capability building at SMEs to accept cloud based solutions